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Woodzee Sunglasses Review

Woodzee Sunglasses Review to Have The Best Sunglasses at Affordable Prices

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If you have a fancy to try something unique and different, then you cannot stop yourself from trying the wooden sunglasses! Yes, you heard it right! Woodzee is one of the latest trends in the sunglasses brands.

They aren’t just any ordinary pair of glasses. Woodzee sunglasses are special, stylish, and wooden framed sunglasses available at the most affordable price.

Let’s take a woodzee sunglasses review to know more about the brand.

Story behind Woodzee

The love for the mother Earth can induce you to make something this trendy was just a bizarre till date. Woodzee sunglasses brand is modern that still holds the classic style in its designs. The brand is a combination of ultra-modern demands with a contemporary outlook.

Woodzee has its base in California since 2011. The company has evolved as one of the most trending online eyewear brands with its Woodzee sunglasses UK and other countries.

Woodzee Sunglasses Review

Everything wooden

Woodzee claims to create unique eyewear designs using recycled materials. Not only the wooden sunglasses, Woodzee also branched its products into accessories like watches as well. Woodzee products are usually made out of Oak, Ebony and Walnut woods. Their Bamboo sunglasses are among the unique products you can ever think of!

Uniqueness of products

Woodzee delivers wooden sunglasses Polaroid and bamboo sunglasses Polaroid that contains film which blocks the light while reducing the glare. Every sunglass comes with 100%UV400 protection which makes it worth buying.

Woodzee also allows the customer to customize their sunglasses, watches, and accessories according to their taste. Everything from the design, packaging, and artwork are available for customization.

Eco-friendly cases

The Woodzee sunglasses and other products are treated with a light wax coating that retains moisture and makes the product waterproof. The products come in microfiber pouch with an earthy packaging that is eco-friendly and unique in its own way.

Buyers can get lucky to get some maple tree seeds with the case as well. You may love to plant a tree on your own!

Worldwide collaborations

Woodzee has beautiful collaboration with some of the best high rated brands as well. Herradura Tequila, Makers Mark Bourbon, Robert Mondavi Private Reserve Minery are some of the best-known brands that provide exclusive designs to the buyers.

Recycling your woodzee sunglasses

With the goal to inspire and educate the customers about the goodness of nature, Woodzee promotes recycling. Customers who opt for recycling of old air of woodzee sunglasses get around 40-50% discount on new purchases. Alongside they also get premium chance to avail the sales and offers online.

Returns and shipping policy

Although woodzee does not give you any reason for returns, yet it allows a 30-day return policy to the buyers. Woodzee expects the products in its original condition.

Woodzee products standard delivery are done within 3 to 10 days. Shipping is completely free except for the international orders.

Customer care and support

In terms of my query, the customer support is available on email and phone 24/7

Woodzee is highly a customer-oriented brand whose main aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction!

Official WOODZEE website; https://www.woodzee.com/

Check out WOODZEE social updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

We got WOODZEE official contact number and email address for the better customer service.

Phone Number;  877.370.1777

Email Address; cs@woodzee.com

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