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WhatsApp offers a Verified Business Accounts for Commercial Use

The Next Generation Messaging leader WhatsApp is in research mode, where they are offering verified business accounts in their console. In brief update, WhatsApp has added on their official website that WhatsApp Verified Business Accounts will get green badge including their business official name.

Having a verified green badge with the business name will be considered as verified business account including phone number.

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In further research, we found that WhatsApp has been doing this on testing purpose so it’s not confirmed that every business will get this opportunity for their WhatsApp account.

It’s going to be the major modification in the world of messaging App. There are the chances that WhatsApp development team is working on other important changes also to make sure the better features would be available for a verified business accounts.

There was the corporate report from WhatsApp regarding their business model where they assure that they will be offering something unique to enhance the use of WhatsApp to improve business like ads, commercial message and more.

WhatsApp has more than 60M download as per Google Play store report and hence, it’s going to be huge business prospect while showing ads or allowing to post commercial messages for saved users.
There are features also on board if they ready with these changes then a verified business account user can search internally for special contacts, and message. One verified business account can browse other verified business accounts.

WhatsApp is going to use a unique mechanism like if you have already added business’s phone number in your phone directory, then you are able to browse that contact in save the name.

In reverse case, if your phone directory doesn’t have a business’ phone number, then certainly you are going to see the name of the business, which will be chosen by a verified business account.
WhatsApp has made this changes in terms of user-friendly also, if a user doesn’t want that a business contacting him, then he or she can block that business.

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