What Should You Know About MacBook Pro Update?

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Apple MacBook Pro Update 2018

Apple is always believing innovation and renovating the technology on every day, and this time Apple has approached some serious updates in the latest release of MacBook Pro 2018 series and they already put on queue the major changes.

On 24th July 2018, Apple had significant update on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, and they fixed the major bug about the new eighth-generation quad-core and 6-core Intel processors.

SpotDigi has streamlined the news about this latest 2018 MacBook Pro, and we wish that it will help to stay protected and updated about your MacBook Pro.

Apple Assures the Comprehensive Fix for MacBook Pro speaker.

According to official source MacRumors;

“Apple said the Supplemental Update improves system stability and reliability across a number of areas and addresses several issues, including crackling audio and kernel panics,”

It is the technology, so nothing is going to be a permanent solution hence the chances are there that we will have shortly another update for this issue.

There are unclear updates from regular audiences of MacBook Pro that having upgraded version of 1.GB has the solution for this speaker issue, but certainly, that’s not true. Hence, if you are planning to update your MacBook Pro for 1.3 GB, then be sure about it. That’s not going to be the solution for you.


Apple Request Stay Tune with Your MacBook Pros

Technically, Apple suggested staying with MacBook Pros meanwhile they solve this issue and have the permanent solution for it. Temporary, there are few tips like disabling FileVault and the Power Nap function. Apple has requested many of their regular customers for return and promises the better investigation for the concern issue.

SpotDigi.com recommends you contact for Apple Support team for reliable fixes for this issue if you are still on board with an issue on your MacBook Pro.

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