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Catering to the love of beer, Wearyourbeer.com is a one-stop destination for those who want to wear their favorite beer. Aptly named as “Wear your Beer”  this online vendor deals in top class Wear your Beer clothe and accessories that can be customised according to your personal favorite. Let’s take a full Wear Your Beer Review for high-quality Beer Shirts, Hoodies, Shirts, and more.

What is Wear your Beer?

Wearyourbear.com is an online vendor of beer company clothing and accessories. The website offers a wide range of customised and conventional accessories like a bottleneck, tee-shirts, koozies, belt-buckets, clocks, glassware, beach towels, key-chains etc.

The website features top-rated beer brands such as Coors, Miller High Life, Red Stripe, Old Style, Killian’s, Sierra Nevada, Hamm’s, Foster’s, Budweiser and many popular beer brands.

Meeting the demands of internet popularity, the online business has also taken into customising accessories and clothing on movies, television, sports, comic books and video games characters. It has also taken up on various other liquor brands to earn popularity and satisfy consumer’s demand.

The story behind Wearyourbeer.com

The online business portal was created where people can find gears and t-shirts of their favorite liquor, movies, music, and television without paying huge money to the corporate dealers.

Based in New York, Wear your beer is privately owned by Laniado Enterprise. Typically started by a group of college students in 2003, wear your bear has become a one-stop destination for cool gears for everyone.

What makes wearing your beer different?

Wear your beer has explicit benefits that you can enjoy as a consumer;

  • Widely expanding options for beers and other merchandise.
  • The products are personal and make a great inexpensive gifting option
  • 45 days tracking
  • Great customer support for user satisfaction
  • It is not just about liquor brands but has a huge availability of movies, music, and
  • Avail widely available wears your beer coupon to purchase the merchandise.

How to order to wear your beer?

You can order your wear your beer products in three different methods;

  • Online
  • On phone
  • By mail

If you have a Wear your beer discount code or free coupons, you may mention it before choosing the payment options. After placing the order, you are allotted with an order number that is easily trackable.

You can check the status of your order by logging in the website and checking your purchase history.

The standard shipping time is 10 hours from the order and estimated delivery time is 1days-9 business days.

What are the payment methods?

Wear your beer accepts payment via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and various debit cards.

What are the exchange and return policy?

Most of the items available on weeryourbear.com are exchanged within 60 days of delivery. However, there are some conditions in the return policy;

  • The items must be unused and unworn.
  • The goods must retain original tags on the exchange.
  • Products that have human hair, pet smell, or any foul smell are subject to 35% restocking fees.
  • In case the goods are damaged on arrival that needs to be exchanged after contacting with the customer care.
  • If all the items were brought to wear your beer promo code, the amount of discount is deducted before charging the restocking fees.


The site has a customer appeal attached to it due to the products it deals in. Wearyourbeer.com is worth a visit for those who love to gear up with their favorite Budweiser!

Official Information about Wearyourbeer.com

Email Address: help@wearyourbeer.com

Wear Your Beer Phone Number: 570-218-4852

Website: https://www.wearyourbeer.com/

Alexa Rank: 170,391 in the United States

Social Media Influence

FaceBook: 8,897

Twitter: 607

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