5 Best Tools To Unfollow Non-followers On Twitter

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Twitter Followers Mnagement Tools

Top Online Twitter Tools for Follower Management

Twitter is an incredible tool for marketing as well as blogging, but only if it is put to work effectively. There are people, who still struggles in knowing the marketing benefits of Twitter. Following each and every profile you come across is an amateur move. This won’t profit you in any ways but is just a plain invitation to the noise.

The first step forward is to sit back and identify the users who add no value to you or your work whatsoever. Perhaps if you like enjoying their tweets, or they are following you back, let them have a space in your “following” list.

Users who don’t follow back can be irksome. They have to be unfollowed. But sometimes, it is hard to clean this mess out from our profiles and the reason why, let me introduce these 5 Best Tools to unfollow non-followers.

1. Tweetadder

Tweetadder for followers management tool

If you know what importance jetpack brings to WordPress, you may have a hunch as to what Tweetadder must be. This is one such automated management tool which allows you to unfollow users based on whether or not they follow you back. Genuineness, inactivity or being more noisy than usual are also a deciding factor.

2. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter for Twitter Profile Management

Tagged as one of the best Twitter management tools, ManageFlitter embeds a number of features. For unfollowing multiple Twitter accounts, all you need to do is select the ones you want to remove and just with a click, you’re done!

ManageFlitter is one such free tool which can, as well, manage your account. More captivating features like determining a fake Twitter account and the most talkative Twitter account, are a bliss.

3. Unfollowers.com

unfollowers who are not following you

Let’s talk about the most straightforward app that has a clean interface and focuses only on the sole purpose it is being made for. Unfollowers.com can also be used for mentioning influencers and copying their followers list in order to grow your community. You can also use this tool to send DMs. The only drawback is that you’re allowed to unfollow only 100 accounts per day.

4. Tweepi Geeky Flush

Tweepi Twitter Management Tool

This is yet another tool to unfollow the non-followers one by one. You can sort the “culprit” and inactive users accordingly, and flush them out. It is a simple tool, which is a tad bit slow in working. The visual appeal of this tool, however, is eye-catching.

5. CrowdFire

Crowdfire for Twitter Followers Management

Formerly known as JustUnfollow, this is the best free tool to follow or unfollow Twitter accounts of your choice. It hands you over a power to sort the accounts in order of the date you followed them. By this, even the oldest Twitter-ite that you may have followed but didn’t remember can be brought onboard. This free tool has a limit of 25 people per day that you can follow or unfollow based upon your choice.

Removing the non-followers is a good move. Not because this filters your profile, but also makes it appear less spammy and more authoritative. Further, it saves you from drowning in the sea of unknown people’s tweets, which aren’t either interesting nor are adding any value to your profile or work. These tools can be helpful in achieving a clean and desirable Twitter account.

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