Survey Junkies Reviews

Survey Junkies Reviews

A Complete Survey Junkie Review for The Better Understanding

Survey Junkies is one of the survey websites that claim to pay the interesting sum of money to its registered customers. Unlike most of the survey portals out there, only a few fulfill to comply with their promises. Let’s take a Survey Junkies Reviews to check out the authenticity of the website!

What is Survey Junkies?

Survey Junkies is one of the online communities that establish a connection between the consumers and the high-end brands.

It is a straightforward platform that pays the users in exchange for their opinion.  Survey Junkies is a user-friendly portal where anyone can make cash by taking up a simple survey. It is ideal for anyone who wants to make quick cash.

Of course, you may not get thousands of dollars, but you definitely earn a decent pocket money through this website.

How does it work?

Anyone who is 13 years of age or above can become a registered member of Survey Junkies. The member must be a resident of United Kingdom, United States, Canada or Australia.

In order to become a member of survey junkies, the aspirant has to follow these simple steps;

  • Create an account at Survey junkies
  • Wait for a confirmation email
  • Browse their categories
  • Choose a survey that interests you the most.
  • Complete the survey process
  • On completion, cash is added to your account
  • You may cash out via PayPal on reaching $10 threshold.

The registered member is given a comprehensive set of questionnaire that helps in taking the survey. The questionnaire is simple and aims at attaining relevant data from the surveyors.

The member has to be proficient in English reading and writing skills in order to become a paying surveyor at Survey Junkies. The surveyor is assigned a time of 15 min on an average to complete the set of the questioner.

Points and rewards

Survey Junkies Reviews

The points and rewards are the main targets for any member. As mentioned earlier, Survey Junkies pays enough to fill your pocket with some extra penny.

At Survey Junkies, 1000 points are equivalent to $10. You must complete at least 1000 points to take a pay-out.

Point’s redemption is easily done through Pay Pal and e-gift cards. Once you attain 1000 points on your account, you can start the redemption process.

The company’s policy on taxation completely depends on the country you reside. Thus, you can check with your own state taxation policy.

How does it help the survey companies?

Every year, thousands of companies come up to entertain and provide usefulness to the consumers. They spend millions of dollars to find out what interests the customers. The information you provide through brand surveys helps them in ascertaining the consumer demands.

The brands and public utility companies are ready to pay hundreds of bucks in exchange for your opinion.

Does Survey Junkie offer support?

Well, yes, it has online help center that is active throughout the day. Unlike other survey portal, Survey Junkies help support is active and always ready to answer your queries.

On a final note, the survey Junkies Reviews reveal few basic characteristics of the web portal;

  • It is absolutely free and non-chargeable
  • The account starts with 25 points
  • Does not ask for personal information
  • New surveys updated every day
  • Low minimum payout!

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