Steps to Generate CSR on Plesk Onyx Web Server

A Complete Guide to Generate Certificate Signing Request/CSR on Plesk Onyx

This article includes end-to-end information for generating a Certificate Signing Request on Plesk Onyx web server. It is one the value proposition web hosting platform with a user-friendly console for various web hosting operations.

A certificate signing request or CSR is the initial step to process an SSL certificate. We build the companion guide to create a Certificate Signing Request and private key on the Plesk Onyx console.

Let’s get into the CSR generation process.

Step 1: Access your Plesk Control Panel and click on the option called “Websites and Domains” from the left-hand side. It will allow you to pick the following domain name where you want to add SSL certificate.

Step 2: Here is one of our illustration where we have picked the domain name with SSL certificate option to demonstrate the process.

Step 3: Click on the option called “SSL/TLS Certificates” to begin the Certificate Signing Request/CSR.

Step 4: Once you click on the option “SSL/TLS Certificates”, you have to verify few details. We mention the information that you need to add while completing this step.

  • Certificate Name
  • Encryption Strength/Bits (This should be 2048 bit at least)
  • Country Name
  • State or Province
  • Location (City)
  • Organization name (company)
  • Domain name/Common name
  • Email Address

Important Note: In standard SSL certificate, you have to use normal domain name but if you are generating Certificate Signing Request for wildcard SSL certificate then you should have common name or domain name in special format like “*”.

Step 5: Verify all your information which you entered and then click on “Request” option.

Step 6: That’s it. You’re done with the Certificate Signing Request/CSR and private key.

The further process needs to be done to the Certificate Authority. All you need to submit a Certificate Signing Request to CSR and then based on the validation, Certificate Authority will issue an SSL Certificate.

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