Steps to Generate a CSR on Node.js

CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a encoded text which has the domain name and contact information of domain name ownership. When you consider producing CSR on Node.js– an open source cross-platform environment, which can be used to make server-side web program, you require OpenSSL.

Create a CSR on Node.js

You can check availability in modpack $ openssl
It Is Possible to install it Through this Control In Case You Have not installed OpenSSL: npm install openssl
Afterward, use to make secret and CSR.

openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout example_com.key -out example_com.csr

Following that, you’ll have terminal in which you want to fill all details that are essential.

Information Description
Common Name: A URL means FQDN that you want to secure. (e.g. –
City: The city in which organization is located. (e.g. – New York City)
State: The state in which organization is located. (e.g. – New York)
Country: Country location of your organization. (e.g. – US)
Organization: The legal name of your organization includes any suffixes. (e.g. – Company Inc.)
Organization Unit: The name of department of your organization. (e.g. – HR, IT, etc.)
Email Address: This field is optional.
Challenge Password: This field is optional.

The CSR will appear as follows:

Your CSR is created in .csr file along with the key is going to be created from .key file.

[encoded data]

You ship to certification provider for SSL procedure and then need to copy the CSR containing dashes at a editor.

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