Steps on how to block an email address in Gmail

guide on how to block email address in Gmail

Step by step instruction to deal with unwanted emails in Gmail

If you had always wondered about how to block someone on Gmail from sending you emails then this is the guide to go for. Blocking a Gmail account hasn’t been this easy. It just requires two clicks and you’re good to go. Just in the top right-hand corner of a message, you need to click on the drop-down menu button and then select “block”.

After doing that, all future messages from the addresses you have blocked will be redirected to the spam folder, thus saving you the trouble from dealing with it anymore. The same steps should be followed to learn how to block emails on Gmail app.

However, if you are worried about the fact that if I block someone on Gmail will they know about it, then you can stop fretting because their emails will still keep getting delivered, but it will land up in the trash folder.

Since it isn’t possible to directly block email addresses on an iPhone, you need to follow these steps to learn how to block emails on Gmails on iPhone. Log onto the iCloud mail from a computer as blocking email addresses from the iPhone isn’t an option. Log onto from a desktop or a laptop. After logging in click on the option labeled as “Mail” which will open the iCloud mail account web interface. After that go to the Gear button located in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on it and a small menu will appear. Select “Rules” from the drop down list. Click on “add a rule” above the rules list. Now you need to decide how you want to filter the mail. There are quite some ways you can choose from to block incoming messages.

Select the option “is from” and then you need to enter the name or the email address of the person you want to block.

You can also select the other option “has subject containing” and then type in the relevant phrase to look for. This method should be used if you want to block messages with the same subject but from different addresses.

Finally, select “move to trash” from the “then” menu. Doing this will send any messages that meet your rule directly to the trash folder.

easy filter email address from Gmail

What happens when you block someone on Gmail? Do they get notified about it? They do not come to know about it unless you decide to go and tell them.

It often happens that we receive unwanted or annoying messages from persons which we don’t want to read. Knowing about how to block a Gmail account will prevent this from happening in the future. Blocking a Gmail addressee involves three simple steps.

Log into your account, then pull up an email from the person, click on the down arrow located on the far right of the sender’s name. Select the option “block” from the drop-down list. Press on “block” to confirm your action.

Blocking a contact from chat

The same steps apply if you want to know how to block emails on Gmail app.

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