SSL Certificate Installation Guide for FileZilla Server

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In order to install an SSL certificate for FileZilla Server, you should have a Certificate Signing Request / CSR file and that something that needs to be complete by yourself.

Let’s have some quick steps for CSR generation for FileZilla Server.

Step 1: Access FileZilla server through SSH terminal and then enter below command:

openssl req –new –newkey rsa:2048 –nodes –keyout server.key –out server.csr

Note: Please change the name of the server from above command. We used the default name.

Step 2: The above command will bring you two crucial files like one is private key file and another one is Certificate Signing Request file.

Step 3: Add necessary details like COMMON NAME, Organization, Organization Unit, City and Location, State and Service, and County.

Note: The COMMON NAME is your fully qualified domain name, so it would be your website name with “”. In case, you are generating CSR for wildcard SSL certificate, then make sure you add COMMON NAME using star instead of www. Example of Common Name for Wildcard SSL CSR: *

Step 4: Save the file and that’s it. You are done with Certificate Signing Request for FileZilla Server using OpenSSL commands.

Ok after generating CSR, you can start Installation Process of SSL Certificate for FileZilla Server.

Let’s have step-by-step instructions for installation of SSL certificate for FileZilla Server.

Step 1:  Once you submit a CSR and then verify your domain name ownership, Certificate Authority will send a zip file which will include the intermediate certificate and primary certificate.

Step 2: Access FileZilla Server console and then access the setting area of FileZilla Server. Click Edit and then Setting Options.

filezilla ssl installation guide




Step 3: Check SSL/TLS certificate setting option in FileZilla Server setting console.


Step 4: Check the option called Enable FTP over SSL/TLS support (FTPS).

Step 5: Enter the location of the Private Key file in the text area of the Private Key file.

Note: You will have two files whenever you generate CSR for SSL certificate. One is a CSR file and another one is the Private Key file. Keep saved your private key file on the computer where you want to install an SSL certificate.

Step 6: Enter the location of a Zip file which you had received from the Certificate Authority in Certificate File option.

Step 7: Add Password in the Key Password option.

Note: Keep your password common for all places like generating CSR also needs the password, so repeat the same password here too.

Step 8: Once you complete the above steps then click the “OK” button and then restart your FileZilla Server.

Step 9: That’s It. You are done with SSL Certificate Installation for FileZilla Server.

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