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We surprised and feel pleasure when we heard that Sock Panda donated 100,000 socks to an entire country. And, it is the matter that makes us proud and we are really honored to write this Sock Panda Review. However, we promise you the better Sock Panda Coupon, Offer, and Discount Codes to obtain the real value of SpotDigi.

Sock Panda was started in 2011 to impact all the issues regarding socks, which needed to be considered very serious when it comes to comfort and quality of socks.

Sock Panda delivers the caliber and the stunning designed socks for women, men, and kids.

The designs of socks are looking like funny, and authentic which seems the best quality of socks pair that generation needs.

Sock Panda is one organization who is potential to deliver innovative and collaborative processed socks.

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Sock Panda Coupon

It is an obvious matter that Shoes are the essential part of the human body, but we cannot ignore that socks are also becoming the same thing.

We researched that peoples are taking more care when it comes to purchasing of socks pair.

Sock Panda uses soft Peruvian cotton and cardstock hangtags well-made material for fabricating the pair of socks with stylish design.

It is the global vision for Sock Panda that they want to supply socks in the whole world. Hence, we could be the witness, is the global player in the Industry Socks.

It is an official claim by that the pairs of socks can be used in an event or season like the wedding, family get-together, office conference, outdoor trip, etc.

We found something unique in Sock Panda, where they offer custom socks package who wants volume purchase to re-sell them or for the social cause.

However, when we took dip research on Sock Panda Custom Sock Package, team found few protocols if any individual firm or person wants to buy it.

Let’s take the list of policy that customer needs to follow for Custom Socks Package at Sock Panda.

1. Minimum Purchase 150 Pairs for single design and size.
2. It will take minimum 4 to 6 working weeks.
3. Pricing will be considered on the basis of volume and design that customer wants.
4. The shipping will be chargeable and it will be paid by the customer itself.

Above is the list of crucial norms that needs to full fill when a customer order custom socks package at Sock Panda.

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