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Just like any work of art, an amazing fragrance can elevate any human mind. Perfumes have a long history of soothing human senses, since the dawn of human civilization.

But today, like every other cosmetics and beauty products, perfumes are also becoming too much expensive, which many of us are unable to afford. So, here comes the wide range of unearthly fragrances from Scentbox with over more than 1000 different fragrances in an exclusively affordable budget. The mission of the founders and brothers Les & Craig behind establishing Scentbox is to develop the easiest way for you to discover new and amazing designer fragrances. So, now here you go with the various reasons of why our customers prefer Scentbox highly and what they think about us:


Out there you will definitely have a wide range of perfumes which you will crave to buy and make your own. But the extremely high price of the perfumes will leave you disappointed after everything. Our speciality is that we try to bring out the best perfumes within the most reasonable cost. Our new monthly designer fragrance subscription service has sent every consumer a secret Scentbox coupon code which avails an economical way for the customers to discover new fragrances without breaking the bank.

Try before buying Feature: is completely an independent and separate establishment from the manufacturers and brand owners of the designer fragrances that we offer. The responsibility of is to bring the fragrance content that are genuine products rearranged and repackaged by the group of The birthplace of is California. In cultivating the ideal perfume for you, you can even go beyond a single perfume and try as many as you want with us. With only Scentbox, you will have 100% transparency in every purchase, as you will be able to test the product you are buying.

Easily Portable:

Mainly perfumes come in luxurious, sophisticated glass containers which look elegant but equally very brittle and non-portable during travelling. We, the ScentBox, bring for you the most amazing designer perfumes in the most convenient shape for travelling. They come in their customized 0.27 oz atomizer sprays, TSA friendly. So, just pick anyone and put in your purse or pocket of your dress and move forward for your destination hassle freely.

Easily refundable and shipping at free of cost:

In Scentbox reviews 2019, we have received numerous positive reviews about our easy refundable scheme. In our monthly collection, you can browse from over 850+ designer fragrances and choose one that you would love to try. Then we will send it to you in an elegant looking refillable travel spray and keepsake box. And if, you feel any difficulty or delay in getting your fragrance delivered, then just drop a mail we will specially take care of this matter.

In the case of our monthly designer fragrance subscription service, you are free to cancel anytime, and shipping is always free. We have a piece of good news for the new users of Scentbox that you will have an extra 30% off on all your 1st-month orders. You can go to Review section and verify the applicability of the terms and condition of our discount period and offers.

So, now you know why every day we receive a huge number of positive Scentbox reviews. We are really honoured and elevated by seeing our customers happy and satisfied. We always welcome our new users heartily and gradually they also become a part of us. We are always here to enrich you with our wide range of beautiful fragrances in the most convenient and inexpensive way.

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