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It’s time for Review for Low-Price Wigs, Women Clothing and more!

RoseWholesale is a leading online clothing store with the largest inventories of clothes and accessories to buy from. It is one of the largest online wholesalers that sell cheap clothes to those who look forward to saving money.  We took RoseWholesale Review to know what actually RoseWholesale focuses on providing latest fashion trends at the most affordable prices.

What can you find in

From wholesale women’s clothing line to accessories, men’s clothing, shoes, wigs, hair accessories, bags and many more fantastic items. The overwhelming rosewholesale wig review from the customers has initiated them to provide a wide range of wigs for both men and women.

How to place orders and make payments on

When you place orders on, you can use RoseWholesale coupon code to avail discounts. They also provide larger discounts on bulk orders. For example, if you buy more than 10 pcs of the selective item, you can avail 5% discount on the final price.

RoseWholesale Valentine Sale

Payment procedure is easy and simple on the website. You can make payments through PayPal, credit cards, Wired transfers and the Western Union.

What are the shipping and handling policy?

The processing time after receiving your orders and payments is 1-4 working days. The website confirms your shipping process through email and SMS. The flat rate shipping is completed within 7-25 business days. However, it differs according to the delivery options a customer wants.

Whether you are buying from RoseWholesale Uk or any other outlet, the shipping cost varies accordingly.

What are the warranty and return policy?

RoseWholesale always aims at 100% satisfaction of its customers. Thus, they provide 30 days return warranty after from the receipt of purchase. On holiday season, they provide an extended warranty to give full support to the customers.

On situations when you want a refund or return, the customer has to bear all the shipping cost. They have to intimate the customer service beforehand to avail smooth shipping and returns of the product.

Why should you shop on

According to Rosewholesale review received by the regular customers, the following are the reasons why you must consider using this website as your shipping destination;

  • Extensive collection with an exclusively low price.
  • New and latest trends added every day to give you impeccable choices on shopping.
  • Latest and extensive researches are made to satisfy the diverse demands of the global customers.
  • You will find clothes and accessories for the whole family at one place; women, men,and
  • Avail maximum discounts and offers on the finest quality products.
  • Has a team of internationally renowned logistic operators that ensure smooth processing of orders.
  • The products are personally checked in the warehouse before being sent for packaging.

Is there any customer support service?

RoseWholesale has the best in class customer support system. Their team is made of professional and trained specialists who personally handle the customer’s issues. The support system is available for live chats, telephone,and user-friendly ticketing system.

Is there any other website in collaboration with RosWholesale?

For the safety and security f its customers, has a disclaimer mentioning that they have only one website by the name. they are not affiliated with any other name.

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Alexa Rank: 7,643 in the United States

Social Media Influence of RoseWholeSale

FaceBook: 7,673,763

Twitter: 746

Google+: 13,843

Do you love Mobile App Shopping? then RoseWholeSale is the right option for you. They have Android and iOS Mobile Application for users to shop online.

RoseWholeSale iOS App | RoseWholeSale Android App

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