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Rocket of Awesome Review – The Best & Trusted Online Store for The Personalized Clothing Store for Kids

There is no kid who doesn’t want to dress up! They love dressing like their favorite cartoon characters, stylish actors and actresses and movie stars. If you get an opportunity to grab a Rockets of Awesome coupon you can buy stylish pieces of clothing for your little ones.

About Rockets of Awesome

A rocket of Awesome is a personalized clothing and accessory online store for kids. The store is an online team of expert personals who design every piece that is worthy enough to style your little ones like a star.

The store is an inspiration by younger kids for whom shopping is a never-ending chore. The expert team of stylish calculate the algorithm as per the questioners you fill before placing an order. They understand your kid’s style and design the clothes accordingly. Rachel Blumenthal is a mom and an entrepreneur who leads the team of stylish professionals at Rockets of Awesome.

Designing clothes at Rockets of Awesome

Before placing an order, the website asks the parents to take up a quiz. Through the quiz, the team gets a sneak peak of your child’s style and design accordingly. They also send a box of 8 hand-picked pieces four times a year for free!

The parents just have to approve the styles and design and return the rest of the clothes while keeping some of their favorites!

The price

You have to pay only $20 for a service fee against the free boxes. The service fee is later credited towards anything you pick. You can also cancel or pause the boxes while it is still on the way if you are doubtful about a particular design or clothing.

If you like everything in the box, you may keep everything by saving up to 25% on the MRP. The clothing and accessories are ranged from $16-$38.

Shipping, payments, and returns

The shipping of boxes is clearly for the registered members only. The shipping is expected to arrive within 1-6 working days. The boxes are delivered via USPS, Newgistics, only.

The store emails the sneak peak of the boxes to the members before shipping. You can swap an item or add something particular to your choice.

The payments are asked only after 5 days of receiving the box. The stores send a series of reminders through emails so that you never fail to make the payments. In case you do not clear it within 5 days, the store charges for all the items automatically.

Returning the box

You can easily return the box with the items you do not want. The time to keep the box is five days, however, the Rockets of Awesome are flexible and allow you extra time of erroneous times.

Rockets of Awesome customer service

The customer care is available 24*7. You can contact them by email as well.

The Rockets of Awesome review has been positive due to the fact that they satisfy each child with their choice of the clot. Without facing the hassle of traveling all over the market and struggling with picky choosers, you can do all the shopping at home. So sit back and wait for the magic box to be delivered now!

Rocket of Awesome Contact Details

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