Quick Steps to Install Git on Ubuntu – Version 14.04

Overview of Git Software

Git is the kernel of software development solution and it’s technically known as Version Control Software or VCS. It is the central point of software in a web programming environment. It controls multiple functionalities, features, and modules, which are being developed by multiple web developers.

Today, we are going to demonstrate a process to install Git on Ubuntu and version is 14.04.

Before we dive into the process, let’s log in the root.

We will explain the process in two phases where in first phase, we will discuss about “Installation” and in second phase, we will move on “Configuration”.

Let’s start with Phase 1

It’s advisable to cross check that all current software bundles are up-to date before we install this new Git software. Enter the below command;

apt-get update

Done with all the latest software update, then hit the below command for initiating the Git Installation.

apt-get install git-core

You will be asked downloading and installing on next step, where you must confirm by entering y.

That’s it. The instructions have been delivered with Y command. The Git software downloaded and installed.

Now, let’s start with Phase 2

It’s time for final configuration for Git software, but before that we need a demo user so we can see the list of changes are being done by demo user. Let’s have an email address demouser@yourdomain.com.

git config –global user.name “demouser”
git config –global user.email demouser@example.com

That’s it. Again, you are done with Git software configuration. All you need to do is just fetch the changes of configuration by checking Git configuration file.

Hit the below command to return to home directory


To check config file, hit the below command

Cat .gitconfig

You are done completely. Cheers!

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