Ambigram Generators Online for the Uber Cool

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Cool and Funky Ambigram Generators and Designs

If designing tattoos and artistic styles are your thing then online ambigram generators is the best thing for you. Before detailing on the various types of cool ambigram generators and designs, you should get a fair idea as to what are ambigrams.

What is an ambigram?

Basically, ambigrams are words that are written in such a way as to be able to be read from multiple directions, mostly mirrored in a horizontal fashion. Even turning the picture upside down makes it stay the same. It incorporates the principle of calligraphy by squeezing different readings into a single curve and creates outputs that are quite innovative.

The ambigram generator tattoo enables the user to mirror any word and even two different words having the same length. With the help of these, artists can create innovative designs with words styled in numerous layouts.
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This article lists some of the free online ambigram generators which will help anyone looking to create beautiful and unique designs at no cost.

ambigramgenerator online tool

This ambigram tattoo generator is your one stop to all your requirements to create awesome and fabulous customized typographical art in a super easy and fun manner. All you are required to do is enter the text of your choice, select the font and hit generator.


The DigitalEnergey

This android app generates ambigrams at a faster rate as compared to others and it can be accessed from anywhere through your smartphones.

Website: Ambimatic Ambigram Generator Google Chrome Extention

The flip script ambigram generator

The most widely used professionally, but it lacks in terms of fonts and sizes. Its popularity rests on the fact that in these designs, the words even while it is flipped horizontally or vertically, spells the same as before, making it uber cool.



omni ambigram generator

The ultimate ambigram designing app available on the Android platform. While the controls can be a bit overwhelming at first, you will get used to it. Try switching off your Wifi to stop the ads. Their Facebook community is great to share and get inspiration from.

Website: Omni Ambigram Generator Tool

Ambigram Font

Ambigram font generator

With this tool, you can turn your desired text into images. Enter your text and select the desired color and size and hit generate. It works on the idea of creating letter inverts to make pair of letters look similar at some standard angles. One thing about this app is to create one word at a time and then place it together.

Website: Ambigram Font Generator Tool

Truly Science Ambigram Generator

With this app, you can change single word or phrases into cool ambigrams. This is a basic tool and it does not offer much control.


The idea of creating an ambigram sounds very cool and nice but it is not easy to create one. One needs the help of either a typographical expert or a professional who would charge quite a hefty fee depending on your requirement. But with the ambigram generators that are available online, it is easy to create your own ambigram free of cost.Be innovative and creative and use ambigram generators to create your own art.

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