North Aware Review for Smart Parka, Winter Coat, & Coupons!

North Aware Review

A complete North Aware Review for High-Quality Smart Parka and Winter Coats

Winter chills always annoyed me. I have to be dressed in the same boring sweaters, jackets or coats. Most of the time I am focusing on keeping myself warm than looking good and stylish. My friend introduced me to this awesome online, and I certainly want to talk about North Aware Winter Coat, North Aware Tablet Pocket, North Aware Classic Coat, and North Aware Vogue Coat. Let me first do a North Aware Review.

North Aware Review 

North Aware has come up with a unique combination of aesthetics and innovation clothing. Thanks to Jamil Khan who could understand the winter need and came up with He launched “Smart Pakra” as a kick starter and became the most funded campaign and raised $3.2M. It is the first winter coat with built-in gloves, built-in scarf, hat pocket, tech pockets, glasses pocket, length extension and a removable liner.

North Aware Smart Parka 1.0

North Aware Smart Parka 1.0 Coupon is an online store which provides designer wear to common man with affordable prices. There is a notion that designer wear is expensive and common man can’t wear, due to exorbitant prices.

When I actually did a review, it was very surprising to me that all the coats looked like designer wear, stylish and very reasonable priced.

North Aware Bomber for Men & Women

NorthAware bomber_men_and_women

North Aware Winter Coat

North Aware Winter Coat for Men

North Aware Winter Coat is the finest and stylish innovation in It keeps us protected from winters by making us look stylish. It comes with many innovative features like iPhone AirPods Holders, Built-in Scarf, built-in scarf, winter resistant exterior. This amazing coat has pockets for everything. It comes with a unique feature or tracker which can be kept in a pocket. Even if you forgot somewhere or left elsewhere this tracker help to locate your coat.

The tablet pocket and glasses pocket, hat pocket, phone pocket are so convenient, you don’t have to hold them in your hand always.

North Aware Tablet Pocket

This is an awesome feature in North Aware Winter Coat. Tablet Pocket designed to comfortably fit an iPad, can hold onto most tablets, clutches, notebooks etc. There is an inner pocket on the right side of the coat, where you can slide your Tablet comfortable. The pocket size is huge enough to hold your tablet. You don’t have to hold the tablet in your hand and have the fear of dropping it or leaving it somewhere. You just have to slide it in the huge tablet pocket. It’s so easy and convenient.

North Aware Classic Coat

North Aware Smart Parka for Women

North Aware Classic Coat is available for both men and women. It is available in hunter green galaxy blue and black colors for men and for women this beautiful coat is available in Hunter Green, Candy Red, Black, and Galaxy Blue. This is the most popular style in North Aware Classic Coat. They are available at very reasonable price at USD 700 only.

North Aware Vogue Coat

North Aware Vogue Coat is designed to stand out in this winter. Original leather accents. Available in Hunter Green, Black & Galaxy Blue for men. They are available in small to 3xl sizes. Smart Pakra leather gloves are given with this coat. As add-on Knit cap is available. It is very reasonably priced at USD700.

The North Aware Company is very unique in itself. Purchase your coat on North Aware Winter Coat, North Aware Tablet Pocket, North Aware Classic Coat, North Aware Vogue Coat are innovative coats with very unique utility features in different fabrics to welcome winter with a warmth.

North Aware Pre-Order Items

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We gather some important FAQ’s about that you should take into consideration.

How do i contact for support or any product related query?

Yes, has 24/7 hours support for customers. A user can reach out North Aware support through

Does offer any return or exchange policy?

Of course, like other online winter clothing store, North Aware offers 30 Day FREE return and exchange policy for customers. A user can track return or exchange product status through North Aware Online Tool.

Does have any sizing guide?

Yes, North Aware provides a comprehensive sizing guide to help customers to choose the right size North Aware Pakra and Winter Coat. Let’s take a view of North Aware sizing chart.

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