How to Set Up WordPress Manually in cPanel through Softaculous

Step-by-Step Process to Install WordPress Manually in cPanel

We will guide to install the leading and the most powerful content management system or CSM WordPress manually using a cPanel through the most critical cPanel module Softaculous.

Softaculous is the modern technology, which turns the process in automation in a website development. It is quick, simple and easy to deploy in website development. It’s fully function mechanism in the highly reputed web hosting control panels like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISP System, Interworx, CentOS WebPanel and Hosting Controller.

We demonstrate the process for installing a WordPress manually by downloading and uploading files on the server by using cPanel module Softaculos.

Easy Guide to Install WordPress Manually

Let’s get into it.

Before we start with core process, it is pre-requisite that we have the latest version of WordPress files and it would be available on the official website of WordPress. Download them from here.

We unveil this process in two phases so it will be more helpful to understand to newbie also. Phase 1 will include the process of installation, and Phase 2 will carry the process of database creation.

Okay, let’s start with Phase 1

Phase 1 – WordPress Installation through cPanel File Manager

  • Login to respected cPanel of your web server
  • Search for the option called “File Manager” from first fold.
  • Choose the directory for your WordPress website, where you want to install a WordPress CMS.
  • Click Go for the next step.
  • Now, extract all the files from WordPress Zip to the following directory that you have choose in previous step.
  • That’s it, you are done with manual WordPress CMS installation for your website.

Phase 2 – WordPress Database Creation

It’s time to create a database and users with restricted permission.

Select the appropriate language to integrate the right language WordPress files. Click the option “Continue” to process further.

WordPress Database Creation - Select Langauge Console

On next step, you have to offer the permission with necessary information for WordPress database installation.

WordPress Database Creation - Config Permission

It will also ask for the configuration file changes, but it is all good to continue.

WordPress Database Creation - database details

Add the require information to configure WP database such as Database Name, Username, Password, and Host Name. Once you are ready with all the fields, then hit “Submit” button.

WordPress Database Creation - Config Permission

On next step, you are on ready to go for the launch of friendly WordPress website. All you need to just confirm hitting the button run the install.

WordPress Database Creation - user details

Once you done with installation process of WordPress manually, you need to require a user to manage your WordPress website. And, in order to create a user, you need to fill the require information on welcome page of WordPress.

  • Site Title:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Your Email Address:
  • Search Engine Visibility

WordPress Database Creation - username and password

Finally, you are ready with WordPress.

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