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letote reviews

Let’s check out the le tote reviews to know more about renting the stuff you will love to wear!

When you are addicted to fashion clothing and don’t have enough space to store them; get it on rent! Yes, you heard it right. Le tote outfits is an unparalleled service where you can get the latest clothing, accessories and many more on rent. And yes you can keep all of them if you really don’t want to give them back. All you need to do is get a subscription right now!

What is Le tote all about?

Le tote is an unparallel fashion subscription service. The online fashion company lets you get unlimited fashion accessories and clothing for rent.

Now you do not have to repeat your clothing anymore! The brand takes care to send you a new box every time with some trending stuff you might love to flaunt.

How does it all work?

Le tote clothing reviews have been quite positive over the period. The reason is that it not only takes care of sending you knew stuff every time but also according to your choice and preference.

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For Le tote subscription, the buyers need to create an account and fill up the preferences. You get to choose the items that you like and wait for a day or two to get your box styled. Once the box arrives, you can keep the stuff you love for a discounted price or return all of them back.

Once the bag is shipped, le tote starts working on your next box.

How do you subscribe?

The subscription fee is as low as $59/ month. you get to choose 3 clothes for your closet. You can avail as many tote box you want but can have only one at a time.

Le tote prices are quite affordable if you want to keep stuff from the box. Once you subscribe, you also get le tote free trial to check out how it all works!

Why is Le tote so good?

Le tote is good for various reasons;

  • You get to choose new clothing and accessories for every tote box
  • You do not end up paying for everything in the Only pay for the ones you want to keep.
  • Use the items for the unlimited period before returning them back
  • Get a new tote everytime you are not satisfied
  • Clothes are well laundered before delivering
  • Gear up with a new wardrobe when you do not want to repeat your old clothes
  • Women who are pregnant can get maternity subscription.
  • Anyone who is learning to style in perfection can ask for new style box every month.

Shipping and tracking your Le tote box

Le tote offers free shipping for purchases over $50. The box is easily traceable with a special USPS traceable number.

Sizing issues

Le tote clothing is available in sizes up to 6XL. Thus if the customer is among the ones who have a hard time getting a perfect fit, may choose le tote subscription. From maternity clothes to over-sized clothing, you get everything packed in one small box!

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