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The Google Company’s new pixel 2 is downright squeezable. This is one of the most differentiating features of this phone that the users can actually squeeze this smartphone for triggering the Google Assistant. This is an exclusive feature of the Google Pixel 2 which you cannot get anywhere else. As far as the basic specification of this smartphone is concerned, it is 5 inches, 1080p screen, Android V8.0 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 825 processor. The phone comes with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or the 128 GB of storage space without the provision of expanding its memory. The phone lacks the dual SIM support and has no headphone jack.

Let’s check out some of the exclusive features of Google 2 pixel

There are also some of the exclusive Google 2 Pixel features that you should know. Looking at few of the other Google Pixel 2 features, the processor, modem as well as the camera of the phone are the top notch. This smartphone has the 12.2 Megapixels rear camera and its front snapper is being powered by the CMOS image sensor technology. The phone has two speakers, one is present above the screen and the other one below similar to the stereo configuration. The voice helper of the company called as the Google Assistant is what makes this phone stand out. From now onwards, the Google Pixel 2 users can summon the Google Assistant just by squeezing its sides.

You can preorder the smart phone from October 4, 2017

google pixel 2 pre-order resource

Looking at the Google Pixel 2 Pricing, this smartphone is available at $ 649 for the 64 GB model and $ 749 for the 128 GB model. You can check out the full Google Pixel 2 Review online when it will be released on October 19, 2017.All those people who buy Google pixel 2 would be the first to try out the Google lens which conjures information about the objects by pointing the phone’s camera towards them. The phone features the amazingly striking encased glass metallic unibody which is water resistant too.

Google pixel pricing and information about its availability

This new flagship smart phone bearing the name of the search giant offers a unique design and also more power under the hood to the consumers. The early impression of this smartphone is quite positive while we still have to wait for the Google Pixel 2 customer feedback. The release date of this smartphone is set for October 19, 2017, There is also a limited time offer and the buyers will get the Google Home Mini free with the purchase of the Google Pixel 2 if they are residing in US, UK, Canada, Australia and also Germany. The new Google Pixel variant is on the way. Are you ready to buy it?

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