Steps to Install SSL Certificate on Amazon Web Server

steps to install ssl on amazon web server ec2

Quick Guide to Install AWS SSL Certificate on Amazon Web Server

We build the comprehensive tutorial to make it simple and easy to install an SSL certificate on your Amazon Web Server.

There are plenty of resources on the Internet where you can get the process for AWS SSL installation, BUT as we understand it’s not easy because it is as complicated as getting SSL validation and issuance.

BUT, we made it quicker and clear for you. Follow our steps and get your certificate install on Amazon Web Server.

BEFORE, we initiate the process, make sure that you have all prerequisite files like;

  • Certificate from Certificate Authority
  • Intermediate Certificate and Root Certificate
  • Private Key (You had private key when you generated the Certificate Signing Request)

There is one more key thing that you must have before you follow our guide. Amazon Web Server supports only PEM format files, so you should convert the above mention files.

We knew that you are going to ask us an obvious question, how do i convert those files in PEM format?

NO WORRY, there are couple of methods that you choose to convert files in PEM format. BUT, we want to make an entire process easy and quicker, so we got SSL converter tool from

We are sure that you converted the files into the PEM format. The game is on now.

Install Your SSL Certificate on AWS

  • Open and login to your Amazon Web Server Management console.
  • Click on the option “Services,” then “Compute.”
  • Access the option “EC2” and then click on the option “Load Balancers.”
  • Pick your appropriate loan balancer and then click on the Listeners tab (Right-hand side).
  • Once you click on the Listeners tab, you would have two protocols HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Choose the HTTPS protocol and save the changes.
  • Access your AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console and then upload your PEM format certificate files.
  • You would have asked the certificate file name, so name it and paste the certificate content.
  • Hit SAVE button and that’s it.

WAIT for the integration and you are good to GO. you can now check your certificate that it is installed properly or not. Verify your certificate installation through SSL checker at


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