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Hawke and Co Review

The retail world is so competitive today that an average buyer can get confused as soon as he steps out for shopping. Buying great fashionable and trendy clothes at an affordable price seems like a myth at times. However, if you are on a weekend shopping spree and do not want to step out of the door, then you may try out the Hawke & co stores online. The Hawke and co review will tell you everything about this classy retail outlet at your doorstep!

About Hawke and co

Hawke and Co is an apparel brand that is popularly found in any retail store worldwide. It was founded in the year 1958 by a young entrepreneur, Brooklyn Bridge. The company has never turned around since its launch. The young company has grown today to become one the most sorted apparel brand for men, women, and kids.

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Hawke and co coat or any other apparel is carefully crafted and designed to fulfill the multiple demands in clothing. The products are versatile, classy and embellish the latest trends.

Care of Hawke and Co garments

All Hawke and Co garments come with a washing instruction tag. While the Hawke and co jacket needs to be dry cleaned, all other apparels can be washed separately using hot and cold water followed by a tumble dry. However, it is recommended not to use bleach, iron or fabric softener for the apparels.

Hawke and Co Clothes size chart

The brand has its own size reference on the website. Thus, the buyers can take the guide and order the clothes accordingly to avoid any discrepancy in the sizes and fittings.

Hawke and Co Order processing

Once the buyer has chosen the merchandise and added them to the cart, the online store sends an availability email to intimidate about the availability of the product. If the products are available, the payment is deducted by the card on buyer’s approval. Later, the order is processed and sent to shipping.

Hawke and Co On-going Promotions

Hawke and Co Shipping and payments

Any in-stock merchandise is shipped within 2 working days. For online purchase, the buyer is intimated through emails or mobile message as soon as the product is out for transit. The shipping is available for US citizens only. The company does not have any international delivery facility yet.

The Hawke and co accept payments only through credit or debit cards. They do not have PayPal payment facility.

Hawke and Co Refunds and returns

The Hawke and co do not accept returns or exchange of any product if it bought from a third party retailer such as Amazon, Costco, Kohl’s etc. The buyer has to follow respective return policy.

In case of a direct purchase, the product can be exchanged within 30 days of receipt. The buyer has to inform the returns and exchange portal beforehand and send the products back to the company in original packaging. For example, Hawke and co shoes in its original boxes only. The buyer has to mention the order number and the email address of the returned packages.

Let’s Have Few Reviews from Verified Purchase

I must say I was a little skeptical when my wife chose this out for me to order and wear. Didn’t think it was my thing but after reluctantly trying it on it was nice and light as if I wasn’t even wearing anything. At the same time I quickly noticed how warm I was getting with it on indoors which meant it kept my body heat in quite nicely. It hasn’t been the harshest northeast winter as of yet (compared to last year not sure if there will be) but have tried it on chilly 30F mornings and it has kept me quite cozy.  – looshlie

I wanted something light weight to wear as a layering insulated garment. This was the perfect jacket to wear under my hunting parka. I already owned the packable vest that I like very much, but I wanted something to also keep my arms warm in cold weather. I got the 2x size and it’s plenty roomy for me without binding in the chest and arms. I presume it will wear as well as the vest that I already have which is made of the same material and has performed very well. For how I use this jacket as a layering garment I would highly recommend. I don’t have any experience wearing it as an outside jacket, so I can’t attest to it’s performance as such. – James. E

Fits great, lightweight, warm, and looks good. I’m 6’1″ 180lbs and the Large fits perfectly. Folds into the pocket well and should be great for backpacking. Says “water resistant” so not the end all jacket for the trail but covers the warmth requirement well. – Jordan

Hawke and Co Customer support

The Hawke and co-customer support are always available on email. In case of any queries, you can call them or email and get a quick reply.

Website: https://hawkeandco.com/

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