A Comprehensive Guide for Google SMTP Server

Overview of Google’s SMTP Server

Google’s SMTP server is the most secure to communicate through email on the Internet. It allows to send or receive an email from outside or inside of your domain name. It has feature to send email through printer, scanner, and mobile application. Being a pioneer FREE web mail server on the Internet, it has advance security feature where user can restrict IP addresses to receive an email from that specific IP addresses. It is pre-requisite to have FREE Gmail Account and G Suit Account to inject authentication process.

Let’s get into the process to integrate Google’s SMTP server!

  • Open console of SMTP through accessing the following URL; smtp.gmal.com.
  • Google SMTP server

  • SMTP Username: Your FREE Gmail email address or else, you can use alternative email address that you prefer to access your G suit account or Gmail applications.
  • Illustration: youremailaddress@gmail.com or emailaddress@yourdomain.com.
  • MTP Password: It requires to authenticate your outgoing emails through Google’s SMTP web email server. It should be your Gmail or Gmail Application Password.
  • SMTP Port: Keep it 465
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • Click “OK” button and you are done.

Note for Backup: To store backup of outgoing emails in your Gmail or Gmail Applications console. You need few settings in your Gmail account or Gmail Application account.

  • Log in your Gmail Account or Gmail Application console.
  • Click on gear icon on the right-hand side corner.
  • Gmail Setting Option

  • Search for the option called “Forwarding or IMAP” from top side tabbing.
  • Now, move to option called “IMAP Access”.
  • IMAP option in Gmail

  • Enable IMAP Access option to have copy of outgoing emails copy through SMTP server.

Okay. We demonstrate the entire process of Google’s SMTP server configuration to send emails while validating Gmail Account credentials. However, there are few limits that we need to consider while using this option wide-scale online businesses such as eCommerce, Financial Institutions, Banking Services, etc.

G Suite: It allows 10,000 emails for one business day. You could expand this limit by having premium service.

Gmail SMTP: It offers 2000 email limit for one working day. You could explore more limit by purchasing paid annual plan.

Access Google’s official article to learn about Google’s SMTP features and other critical advantages.

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