Google Chrome 68 is labeling Not Secure for Security Cause

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not secure warning in google chrome 68

Google Chrome 68 is wrapping a website with Not Secure label

The major tech giant Google is rolling the major update in the popular web browser Google Chrome. It is 3 years since the encryption becomes the buzzing topic in a website security industry, Google has taken serious steps to make the Internet more safe and secure.

Google Chrome 68 is labeling “Not Secure” a website for not implementing HTTPS to deliver the notification to visitors that a website hasn’t been encrypted with an SSL certificate. Ultimately, If you add an SSL certificate in a website, it will give you two major advantages like a website with GREEN Padlock, and confidence in a website to trust a website.

Google Chrome 68 update


Being a major player in the leading web browsers, Google Chrome 68 has taken more efforts to protect the data on the Internet. We are the witness, there were major data breaches happened in the past, and web security becomes the major component when it comes to a website security.

Google Chrome has been monitoring constantly concerning the usage of HTTPS on the Internet. Back to a few years ago, Google made the encryption as an internal component of the search algorithm to push the usage of the encryption on a web.

In your website, if there are fields which needs a user information like first name, email address, password, etc. Then, you compulsory have a website with an SSL certificate.

 How your website will look if you don’t have HTTPS?

We brought the snapshot that how a website will look when you don’t have HTTPS in Google Chrome 68.

Google Chrome 68 Security Update

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