Donald Trump Reveals His Popularity in Britain in an Interview With Pier Morgan

Donald Trump interview with Pier Morgan

Let’s take an Overview of President Donald Trump Interview with Pier Morgan

Donald Trump speaks about his popularity in the UK in a wide-ranging interview with Pier Morgan for ITV. The US President talks about his popularity, being invited to the Prince Harry’s wedding, why the women protestors like his support for the military and his dislike towards a fondness for junk food.

On Popularity

In an interview today, Donald Trump, the most followed US president says about his popularity in Britain as he gets a huge number of fan mail from the people of the country. He believes that the people of UK love what he says about different things and his approach to the security of his people.

On Royal Wedding

Furthermore, the President denies being invited to the royal wedding and is quite unaware of the same. However, Trump blessed them wholeheartedly to stay happy as a couple.

On Being Feminist

Mr. Trump carries on with his interview by saying that women like him the most because of his military support. They love to remain secure and safe, which is the reason of the support. He says that he has tremendous respect for women but he is not a feminist. He says that he is for everyone irrespective of men or women.

On Emmanuel Macron

When asked about Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump appreciates him and his wife, and they had a closed dinner date on top of the Eiffel Tower.

The interview further continued on topics related to his activeness on Twitter and whether he tweets himself or dictates it to get posted. On intervening further, Donald says about his dislike towards junk food, and how he eats well.

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