Crazy Travelling Places in Florida, United States

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10 crazy and fun travelling places in Florida

Luckily the serene landscape of the Florida has plenty of fun crazy treats to offer to the travellers than just the enjoyment of the Walk Disney world. This popular state is worth a visit for a large number of good reasons other than the theme parks or the Miami. You can also explore the alternative sides of the state with some of the crazy and fun travelling places.

Harbour side Naples

Harbour side Naples in Florida
This is a gorgeous place and has many interesting boutiques along with some of the top notch restaurants. This place is home to one of the best and most challenging golf courses. Play off during the stunning onsets and enjoy the pristine stretches of the sandy beaches during the day.


Pensacola in Florida
The Pensacola has some of the amazing white sand beaches. Just grab a cocktail from a local bar and layout in the sun. The sunsets are quite phenomenal and when you are looking for some activity and action then you can go to the main road which has every kind of shop, restaurants and all the activity that you want to do.

St Augustine Alligator Farm

St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida
Well this Alligator Farm is something not to miss out. Check out the huge collection of alligators, crocodiles and you can watch caimans too. Plus you can view these creatures closely from the underwater viewing window.

The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth in Florida
This is not like a conventional fountain where you will go and just enjoy waters. The fountain communicates a great story about the history of the place. Just explore the grounds and you can see the large Timucuan family house and also Nihi Paha which is a special meeting house that has been recreated to show how the Native Americans lived.

Solomon’s Castle in Ona

Solomon’s Castle in Ona in Florida
The artist Solomon Castle has developed this aluminium covered castle. It is a classic road side attraction of Florida and this is an old school castle which will take you into the classic era.

Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo

Jules undersea Lodge in Key Largo
Do you want to live underwater? We’ll try living in the world’s only underwater hotel. The condition to live in the underwater hotel is that you have to scuba dive to around 30 feet deep to get into your room.

Goofy Golf in the Panama City beach

Goofy Golf in the Panama City beach
This place works perfectly for all those people who are looking for some kind of the kinky winter fun. Everything has been developed from giant monkeys, monsters and the aliens statues and the place has remained unchanged since its creation in the year 1959.

Kennedy Space centre and the Cape Canaveral

Kennedy Space centre and the Cape Canaveral
The Kennedy Space centre is located near the Cocoa Beach which is on the Atlantic coast. It is a hub of a large number of the space shuttles. Take a bus tour and explore the fascinating space shuttles.

Sea World in Ornaldo

Sea World in Ornaldo
Just like the Walt Disney World, this place is a huge and fun amusement park to visit. You can have a close encounter with the marine life and can watch dolphins, whale shows and observe several marine species closely and can enjoy thrill rides.

Salvador Dali Museum in St.Petersburg

Salvador Dali Museum in St.Petersburg
This museum has been housed in a uniquely designed building that actually matches the creativity of the architect itself. The curving glass covers the otherwise box like structure and this imparts this building an amazingly striking appearance. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about art, you are going to find this museum quite interesting and thought to provoke.

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