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Cloudten Sheets Review

Few basic things you need to take care off before and after you are done buying a percale sheet

What do you think is the best thing you can do after a complete day of work in the hot months of summer? for me, it’s sure to fall asleep and feel the crisp and coolness of the percale sheet underneath. The comfort you get depends on the quality of your percale sheet. If you have one of the top-quality ones then it’s of no surprise that you reach out for a blanket in the midnight because of the cold. Since when people have turned wood pulp and some other stuff into sheet fabric it’s got difficult to get your hands on some best percale sheets.

Instead of searching the internet for the whole day it would be a lot better if you take a look at this blog that contains some basic information about percale sheets. It also can be said as a short cloud ten sheets review. We are sure that when you are done reading you will be able to find the sheets that will have no competition for years to come.

Why percale is chosen over other fabrics?

If you are all new to percale then let me tell you that this is not any type of fabric or something but a different kind of weave. But the process of making this fabric is a bit different, and this is because they weave one thread over the other consistently and this helps in creating a tight weave. And you can feel the crispness and some other awesome feelings because of this pattern of weaving. The real cloud 10 percale sheets make you feel as if you were petting a furry cat if you rub it, whereas today’s percale fabric seems as you were rubbing a hairless cat. If you got to know the basic difference in pure percale and the false ones then note that percale sheets are completely made out of cotton and that too pure cotton.

As this is one of the percale sheets reviews, it has to be included that you can find no better material than cotton to make an absolutely awesome weave of percale. And as cotton is breathable it supports the tight weave that is required to make a percale fabric. You can easily know if a percale sheet is a blend of cotton and polyester by observing these 2 factors that the sheet will be a bit less wrinkly compared to the pure cotton sheet. And of course, it will also be a lot softer too. They also may be warmer. If you reach out for pure percale sheet then the thread count may exceed 300. But a sheet must have a thread count of at least 180, in case it’s a bit more than you can count on it that it’s of greater quality.

Percale Sheets
For people like me who get hotter at night and also for the ones who live in a bit warmer climate, percale sheets can be of great help because they keep your body cool.

Ways to spot out fake percale sheets over the real ones

No one is honest in business, so any manufacturer does not mention all the ingredients or materials used, this stands as the main reason that ends up making you a fool. So, as part of a percale sheets review, we are including some basics things that help you differentiate between a real percale material vs the fake one.

1. Examine thread count

Many of you here believe that the quality of a material made of percale depends on the thread count. It might be real in some cases and people also are very highly tempted for the 1000 thread count percale sheets. And many of the users of the 1000 thread count sheets tell that they are still softer than a baby’s butt. There is a fact behind the extra softness too, and that is, the sheets are coated with silicone to make it feel soft right when you receive it. But the texture changes within a few washes and becomes rough. So, it’s a suggestion from our side is to prefer the 300 to 500 thread count ones over the 1000 thread count ones, and you know why, right!

2. Also, take a look at the processing

In case you are one from many who like to get the best cooling effect by the use of the best cloud ten sheets then it would always be a lot better if you avoid the sheets which say, cotton has been brushed or combed. Because those ones that are really brushed or something else will be soft for sure but at the same time it will also be a lot warmer than the normal ones. These percale sheets are most expected to be a blend of cotton as well as polyester. Its also sure that pilling is going to be done soon.

3. Concentrate on the wrinkle-free matter

The only two ways you can find for having a wrinkle-free percale sheet. One is that you might have bought a polyester blended sheet or it also might be that the sheets are treated with wrinkle reducers. And if you think buying either kind of sheets can affect the material, then stay connected with the wrinkly ones or just iron them. And if you have not bought a sheet yet then better go for the ones with a design rather than the plain white ones because a design on it can hide a few of the wrinkles.

Take care of the sheets

You can also ruin the best percale sheet ever by the way you care for it. So, you need to stop washing your percale sheets as if you would wash any other material. There are few things you can take care of while washing your cloud bed sheets and they are as simple as using cold water, and also avoiding bleach, softeners, dryers and many other things that you use with the normal clothes. Choose a low setting on the dryer and dry them.

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