CiChic Reviews – Is it worth/safe/legit for online shopping?

CiChic Review: Every basic thing you will need to know about cichic website


If you would like to know the main theme of this blog then listen to this, we will be mainly taking about cichic dresses and how good they are and also about the cichic website. Experience of shopping from international traders can sometimes be really terrible. There are many problems you come across and main things out of them are that you end up buying dresses that are either too big or too small for you. It also is really hard to get a refund sometimes, and the dress or accessory does not look as good as it was in the photo.

When you talk about cichic some wonder if it’s really a website, the doubt is real because the prices on this website are very cheap then what they are supposed to be. But, is cichic safe or problematic, yes, this question arises in everyone’s mind, so, if it rose in yours too then listen to this.

You can never dare to trust this website to bliss with your wedding dress, because of many of the hate comments. So, here we have gone through a ton of different cichic reviews from people to help you out with the problem. And all of our research is now put together into this blog. Now it’s time to get started with the blog.

Where is cichic located?

If you mostly shop for dresses online then you might know that many of the online websites do not mention an appropriate address, but it’s completely different with cichic because they have the detailed address of where it is located in the home page of their website. And yes, as many of you know cichic is located in china, you can search for the detailed address on their website.

The range of shipping price in cichic

The main place when online shopping websites get you is probably with the shipping, because you have a very low price for stuff you buy, but don’t get happy so soon because they get you with shipping by sometimes charging you more than the price of the object you buy. Not only cichic but also all the Chinese shopping websites do not do this. We found from one of the cichic review of shipping cost that both shipping and the object prices are very reasonable in this website. It’s true that you would have to wait a little longer than you would do with Amazon.

  1. Standard shipping price of them is $5.95 and it might also be free for orders over $50. The product will get to you by 12 to 20 business days.
  2. If you use express for the US then it may cost you about $7.00, you will get the product between 8 to 12 business days.
  3. In case you are using express for other countries then it could be $17.00 and the product will be there by 5 to 8 business days.

Based on users, reviews is cichic website safe

If you have used cichic before then the dresses are awesome and the prices are the best, aren’t they? But do the dresses at least meet a decent level when you put them on? It’s a real struggle to find an answer to this question. But let’s get to a decision by listening to the cichic reviews UK given by people who used this website already. To have a better understanding lets discuss it by dividing it into two:

Positive reviews of cichic

One of the people who bought a wedding dress from this place gave a review that they got their dress between 2 days. They were also very pleased by the way it fits them. You can also find people giving a review that it was awesome and also way more then what they have expected. Is cichic legit, yes, it’s absolutely legit or legal so you won’t face any problem regarding this matter. Many of them also wanted to shop again on cichic.

Negative reviews of cichic 

One another customer had the dress in the worst condition it could be, the zipper was broken and literally the condition was very awful. And they also had to pay more money to return the dress back to China. A different user wrote in their review that they had ordered a wedding dress and the colour was completely different and moreover it wasn’t the size. It also was very late even though they paid more for express shipping.

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