Brigitte Overwatch Wiki | Biography | Ability Details

Brigitte Overwatch Wiki, Biography, and Ability Details

Brigitte Lindholm is the one among the support heroes of Overwatch. She was announced as the 27th hero officially on 28 Feb 2018. Brigitte Overwatch in the introduction video calls herself as the shield. She is basically a skilled mechanic and metalsmith who accompanies the Reinhardt when he roams around Europe. She has come into the mainstream and can be chosen as one of the heroes to play the game overwatch.

Brigitte Overwatch Gameplay

Brigitte is considered as the interesting hybrid character and she is even regarded as support. She is much similar to one among the tank characters. She has the combination of the elements present in Torbjorn and Reinhardt. She also showcases some similarities with Crusader class in the Diablo III. She is the finest character who can be chosen to play the game with all fun.

Brigitte Overwatch Wiki | Biography | Ability Details
Brigitte Overwatch Wiki | Biography | Ability Details

Brigitte Overwatch Biography

Brigitte is the daughter of Torbjorn Lindholm and Ingrid, his wife. Torbjorn is the weapons designer in overwatch. Brigitte has grown up seeing her father’s skills in designing and creating incredible weapons. This has inspired her and she has spent so much of time in her father’s workshop, honing her skills. Brigitte’s interest moved towards armor fabrication and defensive system as she grew up to find that the wounds that a war creates are very hard to be healed and a warrior should have an excellent protective shield to stay away from such havoc.

Reinhardt, the renowned overwatch agent and her father’s friend is another person who has influenced Brigitte. After the retirement when he decided to be a knight errant for bringing justice, Brigitte also joined him. It is through the experiences that she had while roaming with him that she has decided to be a warrior and designed her own suit of armor. She fights at Reinhardt’s side for protecting him and ensuring to bring peace for making the world a better place.

Brigitte Overwatch Abilities

Brigitte has got so many appealing abilities. Rocket flail is the weapon she has with extended range and also the one which helps in striking multiple enemies with a single swing. Repair pack is her ability to heal an ally. Healing over the ally’s maximum health can provide them with the armor. Whipshot is the ability to throw the flail to a long distance to knock an enemy away. Barrier shield of Brigette is the frontal energy barrier for absorbing a limited amount of the damage. Sheild bash allows Brigitte to dash forward for stunning the enemy after deploying Barrier Shield. A rally is the ability of her to move faster and provide armor to all the allies which last until it gets removed after damage.

Popularity of Brigitte

Brigitte overwatch hero has become very popular that Brigitte overwatch shirt and Brigitte overwatch Fanart has become very common over the web. The video of introduction has become very popular and the Brigitte overwatch voice actor is Matilda Smedius. The Brigitte overwatch height and Brigitte overwatch skins also have become a buzzing topic on social media. The Brigitte overwatch guide on the official website and any video releases from Blizzard entertainment can be of great help knowing more about her.

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