The Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter at Click Away

The Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter

100% Verified The Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter for Music Lovers

Music is my favorite past time. I always enjoy watch music videos, movie songs in YouTube, then just listening to them. But when I am on the go, the download takes a lot of time, sometimes, it only buffers. I always wished that the videos just click and play, than download. The formats are not compatible with my mobile or laptop. I then started researching on easy ways to listen to video songs, video clips without downloading them individually. I would like to share the best YouTube to Mp3 converters to all the music lovers.


FLVTO Biz for Youtube Video Converter

This is a free YouTube converter. I personally found it faster and easier to convert YouTube to mp3.I enjoyed listening to high-quality tracks. I could use this on any OS. See, it’s very simple! Just paste the URL of desired YouTube videos on the space given in the converter, the high-quality tracks are delivered. The good part is it can be saved in any compatible format, and very easily transfer them into a mobile phone. I could also convert from other hosting sites like Facebook, Metacafe, Daily motion etc.


2conv YouTube Converter

Now this is really very easy!! Just a single step. All that you have to do is paste the URL of YouTube on the paste space provided on the website. The rest is taken care. Best part – no registration, no fee involved, available in different languages.


flv2mp3 video to be converted

I find this very simple because it’s a two-step process. All that I did is to copy paste the URL of the video to be converted. The Second step – hit the “next” button, and here you go!! The downloads start in any desirable format on any device chosen.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube MP3 converter

I found this slightly complicated as an average user. But I think this is more useful for professionals. This is also a free converter, with a feature of a queue. Files queued are clearly seen. This converter also downloads in any desirable formats.

Freemake Video Converter

freemake youtube mp3 converter

The unique feature of this converter is that it modifies, edits features for video clips, Rip and burns DVDs, converts Full HD films without compromising on quality. This free converter gives an embed code. It facilitates to add, edit subtitles. It makes photo slides show too. This converts to 500+ formats.

YouTube Downloader

youtube downloader

This converter has all the features like converting to any desirable format from any surfing site. Having said that, the annoying part is there are ads thrown to tell, how better it is to use the paid version than the free.


sounddrain YouTube Downloader

This converter downloads music from the cloud. I am not a tech savvy and found it painful to download from the cloud. I had to search for the download button. There are formats which I haven’t even heard of or used.

Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter Online

youtube to mp3 converter

As the name suggests, this converter will catch any amount of videos you throw. It converts into many formats, even handheld games of Sony. It is cool, but I prefer the others over this.

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