8 WordPress Review Plugins to Enhance WordPress Website Performance

8 WordPress Review Plugins – Easy to Use, and Quick to Implementation

Technology has been growing so rapidly that it becomes so extreme task for audiences and online users to take a perfect call on The Right Technology. Hence, the large portion of online audiences relies on online reviews for the better opinion of special product or service.

As per BrightLocal.com survey for the year 2017;
85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

There are other major insights from Brightlocal.com which are eye-opening statics for e-commerce online marketers.
The statics are playing major roles when it comes to the crucial business decision in the e-commerce sector. Hence, we took this challenge and decide to help online users who are searching for the best “Wordpress Review Plugin” or “Wordpress Product Review Plugin”.

We know that suddenly you will raise a question here that why WORDPRESS?

Let me tell you something here about WORDPRESS CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

The Recent WordPress Meetup Southwest Florida says;

Okay, 60% isn’t it small portion right. It holds half of the web market in CMS. And, that’s what the big reason for us here to take WordPress CMS as an illustration.

WordPress is one of the friendly and easy to tackle content management systems on the Internet. There are series of elements that web developers or programmers can build their own way to use customize solution in WordPress CMS.

Okay. Let’s get into the core discussion before we get our self in WordPress CMS.

We took only verified WordPress Review Plugins here in our list, which is genuinely performing and give you the better results after installing them on your website.

What does it mean for Genuine or Performing WordPress Review and Rating Plugins?

We did plenty of research on the different variety of Review Plugins for WordPress Website on the official plugin store and found that many of plugins are not working or either it gets you trouble after installing them.

There are many reasons in our head when we seriously took the decision for having this blog post on our website.

Hence, it’s our effort to deliver you the right and the perfect WordPress Customer Review Plugin whether it’s for your e-commerce store or blogging website.

Let’s take the list of 100% working WordPress Review Plugins

Schema Ninja

Schema Ninja is a comprehensive and highly compatible plugin that works after installation on any regular and WordPress Theme. It is perfectly designed and build with the modern web programming; hence it is the response in all devices whether it’s desktop or mobile. It takes few seconds for installation and few minutes for the setting. That’s. You are up with WordPress Review plugin on your website.

Schema Ninja holds the modern structure mark-up inbuild in the system, hence it works for all elements that you want to wrap with schema structure data.

Read More about Schema Ninja or Download It.

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is one of the end-to-end WordPress Customer Testimonials plugins on the Internet. It holds the variety of premium features when you go with the premium subscription for this plugin. It can be installed in few clicks on your website and can be crafted the ultimate panel of customer testimonials in short span of time. There are few other options are available in this plugin for other valuable pages in a website like a sidebar, footer, and header. You can control all these pages with a single embed code on your website in this WordPress Plugin.

Read More about Easy Testimonials or Download It.

WP Post Ratings

Do you want to enable a rating on your blogging website or product page?

Then, WP Post Ratings WordPress plugin is the best and easy solution for you. Being a blogger or newbie in the world of online marketing or blogging, WP Post ratings is an ideal solution for you. It requires a few clicks to install it in your theme and just a few settings like rating color, style, and size. Pick the right stars design from plugin settings and enable the option called “enable search engine structure date” from setting options. That’s it. You are ready with rating structure data on your website.

Read More about WP-PostRatings or Download It.

Good Reviews

Good Reviews is the better and easy high-quality plugin for WordPress website. It allows quick setup to add reviews and products or service testimonials on a website.
It has quick-to-use embed system for reviewers picture where you can show them on particular page or posts on a website. It is highly compatible with Google and other leading search engines, hence it quickly enables your website with ratings in search results.


Read More about Good Reviews or Download It.

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews Plugin is the ultimate solution for bloggers or newbies in WordPress website development. It gives you quick option to visible to online audiences or users to write a review for an individual product or service. All you need to do, just install a plugin and use embed code on a page or post.
WP Customer Reviews plugin allows web developers or programmers to customize plugin display as per the theme of a website or design. Hence, it could be compatible with all devices on the Internet.

Read More about WP Customer Reviews or Download It.

Reviews Ultimate

Reviews Ultimate is the elite plugin and it comes with two different modules like one module where you can display the perfect survey portion on a web page and a post, and another module is the frame where it facilitates the customers to submit their feedback as review.

There are other premium features in this plugin, where a WordPress Developer customize it and featured it with different elements like review categories, multiple ratings, dynamic email functionality and more.

Read More about Ultimate Reviews or Download It.

WP Review

WP Review is the official plugin from MyThemeShop, which is the fastest growing and trusted online theme outlet. WP Review is the complete FREE of cost WordPress Review Plugin for products, services, and more.

WP Review is one of the industry’s dominant plugin which enables rating and review system for a website with a single click of the installation. It’s developed through the modern programming language, hence it is lightweight and it won’t affect your website speed or performance.

Read More about WP Review or Download It.

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is one of the finest plugins from Nuanced Media. It enables all premium search engine markup formats in your website or blog. It gives you all modern markup features just like other Premium WordPress Review Plugin. The best and reliable plugin for e-commerce websites, where a product needs review and rating system for users and search engines.

Read More about Rich Reviews or Download It.

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