5 Weirdest Places You Don’t Know Exist On Earth!

The Catacombs

As we go about our daily life, it’s quite easy to forget all of the wonderful and weird things that are kept untouched around the world. Be it the dark forests, strange museums, abandoned homes/cities, or anything that is creepy enough to send chills down your spine. The earth do have certain places which hunch as if they were crafted by the aliens themselves. Unlike some of these places which might greet you with a ‘Restricted Area’ board, there are a plenty of them waiting to be explored. You just need to know how to find them.

If adventure excites you, and all-inclusive resorts or the generic tourist spots aren’t really your thing, you will be delighted to know that there exist certain natural places on this planet that are full of rarities and oddities. Some of them, however, isn’t meant to be explored and are better left unchecked on the bucket list. They are infamous but yet have been successful in attracting people from around the world. In this blog, let us take you to 5 Most Weirdest Places on Earth, defining their baffling beauty and majestic Grace.

1. Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest

Often referred to as the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania” this forest is considered to be one of the most active areas in terms of paranormal activities. A number of people have either gone missing or have reported sighting the UFOs. Apart from this, the forest reveals unexplained phenomenon, fascinating the interests of people who believe we aren’t alone in this world. Locals affirm that the people have reported strange pains and nausea immediately after entering the forest. Evidence on cameras has shown up unusual objects suspended in the air, unusual shapes, strange human-like shadows, and silhouettes. It is for sure, a “Enter at your own Risk” destination.

2. The Catacombs

The Catacombs

Paris, which is also known as The City of Lights, holds a dark subterranean world of nearly 6 billion of its former inhabitants. Known as The Parisian Catacombs, these are giant cemetery and ossuary located just beneath the streets of this European city, with around 6 million bodies put to rest. The construction of these Catacombs are a network of Old Caves, tunnels, and quarries stretching over hundreds of miles, and lined with bones of the inhabitants. Although these are still open to the general visitors today, but access is limited to only a small area of the network. It has been illegal to enter the other parts of this dead city since 1955.

3. The Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum-New

Dedicated to medical anomalies, Mütter Museum is an institution containing pathological specimens, wax models, and a number of other medical oddities. The museum houses fetuses, bones, organs, and statues that will shiver you with goosebumps and chills. The antique medical equipment, medical rarities, anatomical specimens, and unique theme makes it world famous. The Collection here comprises almost 1,500 wet specimens acquired somewhere in between the 19th and 21st centuries. These include cysts, teratological, tumours and another kind of pathology from every organ of the body.

4. Thor’s Well

Thors Well New

Unlike the normal wells people use to fulfil their daily basic water needs, this one’s certainly not meant for any such purpose whatsoever. Situated in Oregon USA, Thor’s Well which is also sometimes referred to as Spouting Horn, have a gaping sinkhole into which the surf rushes quickly in rough conditions. Further, this sinkhole shoots the water upwards with great force as if someone’s sitting angrily down there. From the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area Centre, you can take the Captain Cook Trail to view this natural wonder. However, the visitors are requested to stay well back during winter storms or high tides to avoid any compromise with their own safety.

5. Glass Beach

Glass Beach New

Glass Beach is the epitome of uniqueness, not because nature decided to make it that way, but because time and surf corrected one of the man’s mistakes. This glittering beach is in California and witnesses thousands of tourists per year. The attractive and beautiful beach now was a dumping site until 1960, when it was stopped, and by then the beach was full of rubbish containing everything from appliances to even car trash. Time and waves then played their part, and the unbearable trash was converted to beautiful glass pebbles and the beach became a tourist spot. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take the glass pebbles home.

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