5 Pictures That Are Mysterious & Still Unanswered

The Unexplained Appearance

These 5 Mysterious And Unanswered Pictures Will Take Away Your Mind

The technology and smooth photo editing tools have made it easier for the people to accuse any photo of being fake. However, back to the days when there weren’t such specialists who could alter the truthfulness of the pictures, people have managed to capture some mysteriously unexplained photographs which will make you wonder what you just saw. For a few of them, however, explanations do exists, but it is up to you if it’s worth believing or not. Stories associated with these pictures are either not easy to explain, or are hard to digest.

In the blog further, you will find 5 Mysterious & Unexplained Pictures that remain a mystery till date. Researchers have tried decrypting the possible reason behind the strangeness of such pictures but yet, a convincingly possible explanation awaits!

1. Strange Woman Talking Over Phone

Strange Woman Talking Over Phone

Talking over the cell phone sounds absolutely normal to everyone including me unless it’s 1928 and the cell phones are nowhere near their invention. Footage from a Charlie Chaplin promotional film shot shows a woman who appears to be talking on a modern cell phone. Many people have attacked the idea of what the clip shows, but the woman’s body language and her mannerisms are pretty much like what you’d see today in an individual talking on the phone.

2. The Unexplained Appearance

The Unexplained Appearance

Freddy Jackson was the member of a squadron, who died accidentally while working as a mechanic by an airplane propeller. A couple of days later, his squadron gathered for a group photograph and to their surprise, every time this photo was developed, Freddy seemed to appear in it. But what’s the mystery here? Maybe the photo was taken before his death? I thought the same way until not only did the squadron openly admit that this was him, but this was taken on the day of Freddy’s funeral.

3. The Black Knight

The Black Knight

Extraterrestrial life is an idea which receives equal support and opposition. But for many who believe we aren’t alone in this world, there is something interesting in the outer space. A black, ancient dark object has been orbiting the Earth supposedly for a span of 13,000 years. This mysterious body is called ‘Black Knight’ and what’s interesting is that no one really knows who termed it as The Black Knight. Scientists are still searching for a reason which is convincing enough to state its purpose and how it got there.

4. The Babushka Lady

The Babushka Lady

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, there was a woman standing right near the spot where it all happened. As stated by the eyewitnesses the lady in the brown coat filmed the entire event. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) thought she would be able to answer some of the critical questions of the tragic event of what and how it took place. However, the FBI was unable to track her down. Although, a few years later a woman showed up claiming she is The Babushka Lady, but FBI found many loopholes in the statements she gave. The mystery who was this strange observer is still unexplained!

5. The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler

As of now, time traveling is a concept that is imaginary. But there are certain events that took place which states that it might be possible to run back and forth in time. This photo was taken during the South Forks Bridge’s reopening in Canada in 1941. The picture looks all okay at first glance, but if noticed closely, something doesn’t add up. A dressed up man can be seen in all modern clothing, wearing old sunglasses, and holding what seems to be a modern camera. However, people attacked this picture claiming all that he was carrying, was present at that time period itself. But the question that why is he completely different from the people around, is still unanswered.

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