3 Critical SEO Elements That You Should Know

An Exclusive SEO Elements to Boost Up Your Website Ranking

SEO is all time booming subject on the Internet and it’s moving up to the mountains in coming future.

There is competition between web masters to rank their websites on the first page of Google. And, believe me they are trying hard to get the job done. But, Google always comes with some new twits and try to send web masters on the other planet to have better knowledge about SEO.

SEO is not the magic or any mechanism to rank a website instantly in Google. It requires patient and quality efforts to rank better the contents.

A ground of digital marketing has been expanding with bunch of new marketing strategies. The era of Digital Business is spreading with channels like affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media optimization, and more.

It doesn’t make any difference to online marketing campaign, because it requires the best effort to achieve the goal of search engine ranking.

How do you consider that which digital marketing strategy will perform the best for your website?

It’s common question for all business owners who newly entered in the online business. Yes, and they are defiantly going to discover something for their website which derives a traffic and sales.

Every start-up comes with big challenge in the market and it’s obviously “Marketing”.

We discover some strong aspects which are really powerful to accelerate your online business performance. The SEO elements which will enhance your website traffic effectively with better ranking in giant search engines. We could say that these are aspects which you care in current scenario of search engine marketing.

Let’s talk about them here!

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages


It is core part of your website performance in mobile browsers. Accelerate Mobile Pages or AMP helps your website to serve a web page quickly and perfectly in the mobile device. It is the latest technology from Google to ramp-up the usage of mobile websites on the Internet.

It is open source system that has vision to accelerate the Internet with better and quick performance on the leading mobile devices, and other appropriate platforms.

According to Google official update, Google wants to back this project as sponsor to make the web faster and beautiful. There is Official Google statement that;

We want web pages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously. We also want the same code to work across multiple platforms and devices so that content can appear everywhere in an instant—no matter what type of phone, tablet or mobile device you’re using.

As per a blog post from Neil Patel regarding Accelerated Mobile Pages say; The projection of Mobile Vs Desktop Search is predictable here and In future, Mobile Searches will take over the Desktop Searches.

mobile vs desktop searches

Neil has also written a complete guide for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Take a look if you are really caring about your mobile traffic in upcoming years.

2. Schema – Structure Data Technology

schema for structure data

Schema is the special tags to design your website for the better demonstration in the search engine. It is widely known from Schema and Micro-data in search engine marketing industry.

It is modern structure data technology which is open integrated with top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Schema supports a website to deliver the better information to search engines to understand a website deeply and represent it to relevant search queries to relevant keywords in SERP.

If a website in a WordPress, then it is easy to implement schema codes with Plugins. We have the list of verified WordPress review and rating schema plugins to have your website with rating and review in the search.

Schema Tags are vary as per content types that need to be added such as Articles, Products, Movie, Restaurant, Local Businesses, Events, and more.

Schema is one of the power elements in current scenario to improve a website CTR with appropriate micro-data. Google official website has Structured Data Markup Helper to guide a user about Schema Structure data.

3. Speed Optimization


Speed of a website is one of the critical point as per recent update of Google. If a website will not be render to a user at a minimal time then it would be bad as per search engine’s view. Because Google don’t want that a user has to wait to have a information. Speed Optimization is the major aspect to serve content quickly to users on the Internet.

There are tools from industry leaders about optimizing a website for speed, however, Google has official launched a PageSpeed Insight Tool to guide a user about appropriate issues regarding speed of a web page or a website. The following tool will show you the list of issues for a website for desktop platform and mobile platform. Collect those issues and try to solve them to speed up your website.

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