11 Moments The Fourth Wall Was Shattered With A Sledgehammer!

House of cards

Last year in February we saw a comic book movie become “the first R-rated comic book superhero blockbuster.” Grossing $783.1 million on a budget of $58 million, we’re talking about Deadpool of course. But what made this movie make us go in splits of laughter were the uncommon comedic devices such as “Breaking the fourth wall.” A small imaginary wall which separates the audience from the actor is often referred to as the Fourth wall. Not just Deadpool but a lot of other characters have broken this wall by directly referring to or talking to the audience. In this list, we bring forward those moments in Television and Movies where characters broke the fourth wall and confused other characters as well as audience as to how they should react.

Boston Legal:

This American legal comedy-drama features many moments by various characters where they break the fourth wall and are aware of being television show characters. We see the character Denny Crane played by William Shatner refer to Captain Kirk, another character he famously played.

Boston Legal

Ferris Bueller’s Day off:

Matthew Broderick plays Ferris Bueller and often breaks the fourth wall throughout the movie to express his inner thoughts. The famous post-credits scene was parodied in 2016 movie Deadpool when he asks the audience to leave after the movie.

Ferris Bueller Day off

Annie Hall:

Widely acclaimed as one of the best movies which made great use of breaking the fourth wall is Annie Hall, directed and starring Woody Allen. One of the most iconic scenes is when Woody’s character brings out actual media theorist Marshall McLuhan to shoot down an annoying person behind him in line at a movie theatre.

Annie Hall

The Big Short:

Director Adam McKay attempted to make this R-rated movie, not just another Hollywood comedy but also an educational film. By bringing out actual celebrities like Margot Robbie and Anthony Bourdain, McKay makes them address the camera and share information which the viewer may not forget for a long time.

The Big Short

Fight Club:

The first rule of Fight Club is that “you do not talk about Fight Club!” But in this case, we need to bring to your attention this gem of a movie which distorts your version of reality and the fourth wall is broken at certain times to achieve it.

Fight Club


Ray Liotta’s narration throughout the movie reaches its pinnacle when his character breaks from the movie’s illusion in the last scene to address the viewer directly. His sad smile is the ending for this brilliant movie.


House of cards:

This show starring Kevin Spacey has received several awards and nominations. Spacey’s Frank Underwood often addresses the viewer and shares his game plan of sorts with them. This political drama is one of the most watched Netflix series because of many other reasons though.

House of cards

The Wolf of Wall street:

Leonardo DiCaprio brings Jordan Belfort to life in this Martin Scorsese biopic. We often see him break the fourth wall while describing his life to the audience.

The Wolf of Wall street

Kiss kiss bang bang:

Robert Downey Jr. uses his talent to make this commercially failed movie watchable. He bids us farewell in his unique way and also uses the narrative to address the moviegoers many times in the film.

Wayne’s World:

This comedy from 1992 is full of references from Pop Culture. Numerous catch phrases came into existence after being featured in this movie.


The movie focuses around a carefree man whose lifestyle choices come back to haunt him. The movie is filled with awkward as well as funny moments. Alfie is comfortable sharing his innermost thoughts only with his audience. In a way, we become his confidante as he discusses his escapades.

Based on these examples, it is safe to say that one shouldn’t be confused and scared when a character addresses you directly!

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