10 Verified WordPress Review and Rating Plugins for Blog

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10 Verified WordPress Review and Rating Plugin

Discover The Best Review and Rating Plugin for WordPress Blog

The era of online business has been improving with the fraction of upsides and downsides, but we could see potentially that it’s impacting positively for online business revenue. There are many online marketing experts, insights, resources, and guides are available on the Internet to guide you to develop online business in short time. However, after developing a website for online products or services, it’s tough job for pitching the better revenue on daily basis. Believe me generating revenue from various sources for new business isn’t easy task because it requires lots of efforts, research, web programming, web designing, and yes of course marketing too.

We will guide you through this article about 10 Verified WordPress Review and Rating Plugin to build strong visibility in giant Search Engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more.

Reviews and Ratings inside your website or in the search engines help a lot to generate impressive CTR.

As per Report of Search Engine Land, published in 2012 that 72% customers believe in third party reviews and personal recommendations.

According to BrightLocal Report and Research, they got 28% additional Click Through Rate (CTR) after implementing the best Review and Rating Plugin from WordPress.

Bright Local CTR

Let’s get into the best rating plugin for WordPress!

1. WP-PostRatings

WP PostRatings

WP-PostRatings WordPress Plugin is an essential Plugin for blogging and small business websites. It helps to develop impressive Click Through Rate or CTR for articles, blogs, news, videos, podcast, and more. It’s easy to install and quick to use. All you need is just to implement a single function through copy and pasting the following code “”. Having more than 100000+installation with an average 4.7-star rating, WP-PostRatings become the most important plugin to optimize a blog or website. Download Now!

2. Post Ratings

Post Ratings

Post Ratings is multi-functional WordPress plugin, where you can rate a post, blog, article, you build own maths for rating, and you could enable top rating in a sidebar through the widget. The Post Ratings offer a wide variety of rating template, where you can choose from out of them to make your blog post a perfect theme. Having more than 6000+ downloads with an average 4.5-star rating, Post Ratings becomes the most advanced rating WordPress plugin. Download Now!

3. Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews

Enable the most dominant WordPress Plugin for Google Places Reviews on a WordPress curated website. It’s highly compatible and friendly plugin for a restaurant, online stores, travel websites, hotels, and e-commerce platforms. It’s one-click review plugin to display user reviews on Google, where online business can enhance other users for the potential business growth. Having more than 7000+ downloads with an average 4-star rating, Google Places Reviews becomes the most versatile WordPress Plugin. Download Now!

4. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite helps you to enrich the presentation of product through rating and reviews. It supports the latest technology of Rich snippets and hence, it’s one of the critical WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites. It offers all the functionality with a plugin to change settings, colors, and position. It offers the amazing features with a plugin like full customization, short codes facility, product reviews, table codes for comparison, and more. Having more than 60000+ downloads with a 4-star rating, WP Product Review Lite becomes elite WordPress Plugin. Download Now!

5. WP Review

WP Review

Do you want to communicate with the user in a different mode of communication like reviews and comments? The WP Review is all time the best WordPress Plugin to aggregate products, services, blogs, and packages review. WP Review is the comprehensive option for full-time bloggers, e-commerce platforms, and professional service providers. It supports premium features like Google Rich snippets, multi-language translation, and more. Having more than 90000+ downloads with a 4-star rating, WP Review becomes master WordPress Plugin with the end-to-end modern mechanism. Download Now!

6. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews

Do you want to customize review page with a bunch of customers testimonial? The WP Customer Reviews is the most recommended WordPress Plugin. It allows full customization to deliver customer friendly review collection system in a single place. It is a highly advisable plugin for business products and services, where new customers require existing customer reviews, testimonials, ratings and more. It is a next-generation plugin where flexible programming is possible to customize entire plugin as per web site theme. Having more than 50000+ downloads with a 4.5-star rating, WP Customer Reviews plugin becomes WordPress Ninja. Download Now!

7. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro

This is paid plugin with technical support for 24/7 from professional WordPress Developer. Being a premium WP Review plugin, it has end-to-end Review Solution where 100% customization is possible, it supports WPMU, fully responsive, fully optimized code for speedy performance, and many more inbuilt features are available with this plugin. Having more than 10000+ downloads with a 5-star rating, WP Review Pro becomes revolutionizing WP Review Plugin. Download Now!

8. Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews comes with scalable and significant features to make review and rating available on product pages, articles, blogs, and service pages. It carries sustainable and compresses code to deliver the maximum performance in terms of website speed. It has enormous features such as one-click implementation, moderation, modern design, short-code feasibility, flexible CSS, and more. Having more than 10000+ downloads with 4-star rating, Rich Reviews becomes the modern solution. Download Now!

9. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate Reviews

It is a simple and remarkable solution for small business websites, blogs, and e-commerce retail stores. It offers to leverage two shortcodes for product and service review. It can be used as a potential plugin from WordPress to enable customer reviews for products on a website. Having more than 2000+ downloads with a 4.5-star rating, Ultimate Reviews becomes Flexible and Transparent WordPress plugin. Download Now!

10. Comment Rating Field Plugin

Comment Rating Field Plugin

Do want enable rating for comments? Then Comment Rating Field Plugin is the finest plugin with flexible features to make possible rating in the comment also. Adding rating in a comment will improve the integrity of website or e-commerce outlet. Is your website lacking trust or confidence? Then we advise you this plugin for WordPress website. Having more than 3000+ downloads with a 3-star rating, it becomes potential WordPress Rating plugin for comments. Download Now!

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