10 Places in New York for Crazy Travelers


New York is one of the greatest cities in the entire world.This place has always been a whirlwind of activities with an endless number of vacation possibilities. Well, this city is a centre of innovation and there are many crazy things you can do. Let’s this place swallow you into the world of fascinating stories, amazing parks and some out of the box crazy traveling ideas.


High Line in New York

This place is no longer a novelty but it is a kind of the well-established tourist destination. The High Line has an elevated park which is built across the old train tracks. All the travellers can enjoy the regular museum performances, food, drinks and evening outs too. Some fantastic seasonal activities include Tai Chi, Medittaio and the Star Gazing.

Tenement Museum

Tenement Museum in New York

This museum is located by the Williamsburg Bridge and imparts travellers an insight into lives of people who arrived in the US in the 19th century.


Williamsburg in New York

This place is a centre of the hipster community of the New York City. It has some of the funkiest cafes, pop up food markets along with the alternative designs shops too. Spend your day in the flea market and then just wander around the main streets for great coffee, record stores and even the fun parks.

Time Square at the Sunrise

Time Square at the Sunrise in New York

Just wander around the city in the morning hours and you will find out that the city has never gone to the bed. Well as soon as the sun rays appear, the night life just disappears and it is said that the vampires return to the coffins. This place provides you with a chance to be yourself at the time square during the morning.

The Rubin Museum

The Rubin Museum in New York

The Rubin Museum is a hidden gem and it has the world’s largest collection of the Tibetan art. Just visit here on Friday night and you can enjoy a live music. Art from many of the Asian countries has found a home under the Rubin Museum which focussed on the elements of the Tibetan culture.

Whispering Gallery at the Grand Central Terminal

Whispering Gallery at the Grand Central Terminal in New York

Just outside the entrance of the Oyster bar which is present at the Grand Central Terminal, there is a vaulted area which is partially covered with the Guastavino tiles and is a weird whispering gallery. Just stand on one corner and you can hear the soft whisper of someone standing in another corner.

Food tour in Harlem

Food tour in Harlem in New York

New York City is a foodie paradise. If you are looking for a tour with the dash of the history and soul of the city, just is a part of the walking Soul Food Tours of Harlem.

Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan

Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan

This is a huge entertainment and shopping complex which is located in the middle of the Manhattan. The indoors and the outdoors viewing spaces are open to the public both during the day and night. Enjoy the skyline of the city by buying the top of the rock observation ticket.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue in New York

This place has a long standing reputation of being the premier shopping area. Many of the top notch designers have their flagship stores in the place. You can enjoy a walk along the fifth avenue.

Union Square Green Market

Union Square Green Market

This market is situated in one of the busiest streets of the Mid-Town. Although Union Square looks amazing throughout the year it is even better on the four days when this green market is on. You can expect a lot of organic and local foods around the corner. There are many interesting people watching opportunities which you could find in this unusual and exciting food markets.

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